Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fourth Step Inventory Sheets from Joe and Charlie

I have been asked many times in my recovery, what do you think about . . ., or how should I . . . or what do I do when . . . and most times if not all times, I tell people that I don't give advice on recovery related stuff. And of course, if it has to do with people, places, things or situations, then it is recovery related stuff. What I have come to discover is that the steps relate to all of my lifes issues. If I am struggling with a person, place, institution or philosophy, then my sponsor tells me that it is probably time to do an inventory.

The fourth step of our program says that we take a searching and fearless inventory of ourselves. The fearless part is addressed in the big book by completing step 3. Strengthing our faith removes the fear. We pray about our inventory and the fear disappears. The searching part can be more difficult. Bill explains the process on pages 64 -71. Joe and Charlie took Bills explaination and charted it out. These charts are right from Bill directions taken right from the Big Book. I have used them with my sponsor and have passed them on to my sponsees as well. They are very helpful and I hope that you can use them in your journey towards a better understand of self. I must add though, befor using these for yourself, please run them by your sponsor. Print out an extra copy and give them to your sponsor. That's what I would do . . .

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Tapirking said...

Thanks alot of the forms; I listened to Joe and Charlie's 4th step instructions on a drive to Portland. Having Joe and Charlie's forms for sponsees will be helpful to them as the set out on the fourth step. How do you know you are in the program of AA? When you have a pencil in your hand writing out your resentment list!

Thanks again,

John B in Seattle